Optim Investigators is a private investigation company, is trained and qualified to work in numerous countries. We provide a full range of discreet private investigation services. These include international background checks, private investigations, due diligence, global employment screening, along with surveillance.

What are International Investigations?

An international investigation is one that crosses multiple countries, jurisdictions, borders, or states. This may come from several inquiries, whether personal or business, financial, or litigation.

If you need coverage internationally, Optim Investigators has you covered with expert knowledge and quality work. They will provide clear evidence you need so you can make an informed decision. Have you met that “special someone” through social media or an online dating service? Are you considering doing business with another person overseas? Are you an employee hiring international to diverse your workforce? Optim Investigators can help. We provide international verification for both individuals and businesses. Our reports will protect you from dating scams, internet fraud, bad hires, and more. All of our services are strictly confidential.

Avoid costly mistakes in your business by getting a proper background check if you are hiring internationally. Avoid romance scams and safety concerns by getting a dating background check before going through with that new relationship. If you are an investor and looking to invest in a new business overseas, we can provide you with a complete company verification or due diligence report.

Optim Investigators is a part of an international private investigator network that spans numerous countries. Our firm has conducted many international investigations. As a professional and certified agency, we stay on top of all local and international laws and regulations. Your investigation will be handled properly and legally.

International investigations, like many local ones, can be a sensitive and complicated matter. Finding a qualified private investigator that is experienced in international work is rare. Some of our global services include:

  • Asset Investigations
  • Skip Tracing Investigations
  • National Background Reports
  • Surveillance Investigations
  • Missing or abducted person Investigations
  • Human trafficking Investigations
  • International background checks
  • Private investigations
  • Due diligence Investigations
  • International employment screening

At Optim Investigators, we understand that many individuals and businesses are globalized. This opens up doors to fraud, espionage, and even identity attacks/theft. We have the technological know-how, expertise in the investigation field, and equipment and contacts needed to launch your international case and see it through completion. We are fully licensed, efficient, ethical, and professional in our acquisition of information for every one of our clients. Our dedication to quality and service, along with experience and knowledge, separates us from others.

Optim Investigators has built a system that not only gets the preparation done quickly but also gives adequate time to get the information you need in an efficient and expedited fashion. If you have suspicions, contact us. We are on your side and ready to assist you in putting this unfortunate situation behind you. Please contact us for more information on International Investigations.