Your business or organization may have top-notch computer hardware and software, but cyber attacks have become more prevalent in today’s digital world. Cyber-criminals are considerably more tech-savvy and can use Malware (malicious software) to transport viruses, worms, trojans, and even rootkits into your system. These computer infections can lead to someone on the other end sabotaging your business, stealing secrets, or gaining valuable information into your organization and employees.

These outbreaks can hit anyone and steal your data, take over your applications, or your operating system. Some infestations can be but aren’t limited to:

• Password recording
• Boot sector corrupting
• Website re-directing
• Device performance attacks
• Software corruption

Because of its many formats, this type of intrusion is one of the most visible problems plaguing a company’s or individuals’ computers for over a decade. While finding an IT expert to help maintain and manage your system is secure, finding who intentionally infected your system is the domain of a private investigator.

Though a private investigator brings up visuals of late-night stakeouts while taking photos, Optim Investigators private investigators are also skilled in computer forensics and have the tools and resources to find who infected your system. This is highly valuable as an infected system will leave things like private information or trade secrets open for theft. Cyber-criminal attacks aren’t just for the everyday person. If your organization trades in the information or is in a highly competitive field, having a private investigator to help trace the source of the Malware is vital for you to seek damages, both civil and criminal, so you can continue doing business.


It is essential to have a private investigator start their forensics investigation as soon as a malware occurrence has occurred. This allows them to analyze the threat or type of breach that has occurred and initiate the techniques and expertise they have to stop the threat and work to find out where it was initially launched from.

Optim Investigators private investigators have the latest hardware and software, and the industry-proven skills in computer forensics to find you the information you need to pursue damages. Private investigators can also spend more time and their resources on the case. After all, you have a business to run, and a private investigator can work behind the scenes so you can keep your business going. Also, private investigators will work discreetly and with full confidentiality. Your information is crucial, and you need some you can trust to get the job done without worrying about any more losses to your business.

As technology moves forward at a rapid pace, maintaining your system with proper personnel and upgrades will help reduce the chances of a Malware infection. Unfortunately, attacks from cyber-criminals outside your organization, or even within, can wreak havoc on your company’s information. Hiring a private investigator can help track down those who caused the system infections so you can move on with business and bringing the cyber-criminals to justice.



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