Social Media Investigations: Social media is everywhere. It is hard to find anyone that doesn’t have at least one social media account. Because of these, everyone creates a digital trail that we at Optim Investigators can trace. Approximately 74% of all Americans have a social media account. At some point, someone is liking, tweeting, sharing, or pinning something that can be seen by the public or those linked to that account. Whether Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, we have the technologically advanced software on the market to investigate any account on social media

At Optim Investigators, when we conduct a social media or internet investigation, we have one ultimate goal in mind. That is getting you the answers you need. As a private online investigator, we use both cutting-edge technology and traditional investigative methods to gather the required information from places on the web that you and others may not think to look for.

If needed, we will use forensic tools and archival processes to preserve any information or evidence we find that this can be kept forever or use in a court of law. Every report we deliver to use is professional and can be used for any of the following.

• Personal investigations
• Civil investigations
• Child custody investigations
• Social media investigations
• Internet investigations
• Criminal defense investigations


These types of investigations are used for court cases to provide information for a relevant case, supplement evidence, disqualify or support an alibi, or help establish a person’s character. Nowadays, social media is used more in divorce, custody cases, and even criminal trials. You may also need it as part of a background check or for a more serious risk assessment.

Though anyone can do a social media investigation, a private investigator has access to specific software that was written to make for a faster and more efficient search. They also have a better understanding of the ethics involved and know when data must be used for evidence to be used in court. A private investigator is versed in metadata, MD5 hash value, what is required for proof, level of searching, friending, and even following rules.


Optims Investigations President Eric Optim is a U.S. Army Veteran who holds board certifications as a Certified Social Media Analyst, Certified Social Media Expert, and Online Classified Intelligence Gathering expert. As an investigator, he has world-wide experience and training of how and where to look for information on the internet and specifically social media. Optim also carries years of experience searching the darkest corners of the world wide web and is comfortable navigating the different types of social networks along with the Deep Web and Darknet.

Optim Investigations will look into social media posts, photos, status updates, and even conversations. If you require a social media investigation, this can be for a custody battle, court case, or even for a background check. All the information provided from the investigation can be used as court evidence to support an alibi and also provide additional proof.


Optim Investigations has built a system that not only gets the preparation done quickly but also gives leaves adequate time to get the information you need in an efficient and expedited fashion. If you have suspicions, contact us. We are on your side and ready to assist you in putting this unfortunate situation behind you. Please contact us for more information on Social Media Investigations.